How it works

One of the greatest challenges to the current climate crisis is economically removing billions of tons of CO2.

Our solution takes advantage of a temperature-sensitive material that can quickly react with CO2 and purify it (for easy relocation) when heated.
In addition, the alkali carbonate rocks used in the C-Quester process are abundant, affordable, and super safe, making them the perfect material for removing carbon from large point source emitters.


C-Quester is developing a process to achieve low-cost point source carbon capture.


C-Quester has a fully developed plan from laboratory bench to world-class commercial scale.  Our concept is proven at bench-scale and now running as a large-prototype capable of capturing 300 kg CO2 per day from simulated flue gases,
We are developing a pilot demonstration for 2025, on-site connected to a natural gas power plant.


Simple, low footprint design with rapid deployment, low permitting requirements, and lack of required modifications to the host enables utilization of C-Quester system.


C-Quester system utilizes non-toxic, abundant granulated metal carbonates (GMCs) to capture CO2. No poisonous components or generated air contaminants.

Large scale prototype at C-Quester HQ in Los Angeles ⬇️